IPS Launches its New

Global KOL and Influencer Mapping Platform
Our new AI powered platform is able to immediately identify current and up coming KOLs in any therapy area, in any region of the world.

Enabling you to build new and long term digital relationships with your target audience and gather real time insights and knowledge, keeping you always in front of your competition.

Real Time Insights...

Digital Advisory Board and Steering Committee Platforms
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HCP Communities

Our community platforms are secure and fully compliant, incorporating proven technologies that enable you to build new and long-term clinical and commercial relationships with your target HCPs. With a proven track record and unrivalled access to UK HCPs, Interactive Pharma will prepare your business for the future of digital healthcare.

healthcare professionals

Digital Advisory Boards

Our new platform invites your target HCPs to join discussions and interact with surveys and polls that will generate real-time market and customer insights. Insights that will help shape and drive the success of your brand and commercial strategy.

Our scientific and medical experts will support all components of the advisory board providing an end to end solution.

fully compliant

Patient Engagement Platform

PatientSelf is a first of its kind, fully secure industry compliant patient support, outcomes and insights platform. Designed by an internationally renowned team of clinical, technical and commercial experts, working in partnership with the world’s leading creators of health outcomes. PatientSelf is able to support patients across a broad range of disease areas, enabling the pharmaceutical and life sciences sectors to provide personalised patient support, measure outcomes and gather insights.

Compliance Services
Our platforms are fully secure, compliant and meet with all international regulations, guidelines and country specific codes.

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