IPS introduce the Digital Assessment Tracker helping organisations prepare for the future of digital healthcare

With the increased emergence of health technologies and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a need for global pharmaceutical companies to undergo a digital transformation. Interactive Pharma Solutions has drawn on over 30 years of digital experience to design a 3-point solution which will prepare organisations for the future of digital healthcare.

Component 1 is Strategy, which involves several different elements, such as a competitor and gap analysis, leading to the production of a report and recommendations document. In component 2, Assessment, IPS have developed a platform called the Digital Assessment Tracker (DAT). The DAT, using personalised surveys, is able to assess the digital capabilities of staff across all departments, generating insights at both an individual and company level.

Once levels of digital competency have been established, the final component, Training and Mentoring, can be implemented. Using the information gathered from the DAT to guide the content of the course and ensuring it is aligned with the needs of the organisation, this will provide employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare them for the future of digital healthcare.  


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